City Ordinances

The City of El Lago maintains a list of ordinances that can be accessed and examined on the web, and it is updated annually.

Amended or New Ordinances
From time to time, the city amends or creates new ordinances that are not yet available via this online index. Below is a list of the amended and new ordinances that have been passed by City Council and taken effect since the last online update. (If there are no ordinances listed, the index is up to date).
  • House Numbers: All buildings or structures, both existing and new, shall have an identifying address number posted, prominently displayed and maintained within 24 inches of the front entrance to the building or structure. (The entrance refers to either the front door or the opening of a porch, etc. leading to the front door if it is the closest to the street and has adequate wall space on which to post house numbers).
  • Overgrown Lawns: (New height and length restriction.) It shall be unlawful for any owner, occupant, lessee or tenant of any parcel or parcels of real property situated in the City of El Lago to cause or permit lawn grasses to grow more than 6 inches in height or more than 4 inches in length. (The length is referring to what is typically known as runners).
  • Storage of Miscellaneous Items on Your Property: (This applies to any miscellaneous building materials, toys, appliances or other items.) It shall be unlawful for any owner, occupant, lessee or tenant of any parcel or parcels of real property within the City of El Lago to store objects of value other than allowed vehicles, upon any real property including parkways, driveways, or public right-of-ways within the City of El Lago in a location in which the objects of value can be viewed from the public street or any adjacent property.
  • Parking of Recreational Vehicles: No person shall park a vehicle or any portion of a vehicle or a towed vehicle including trailers, mobile homes, boat trailers, boats, boat rigging or carts, and some motor driven vehicles including motor homes, recreational vehicles or campers,on the lawn of a residence, either directly on the lawn or on blocks or on any temporary surface such as gravel, bricks and pavers located on the lawn of a residence.
  • Scofflaw Vehicles: No person shall park a scofflaw vehicle on any avenue, street, or drive or in any other location in the city. (A scofflaw vehicle is a vehicle that has more than 5 outstanding parking violations from the Lakeview Police Department. If a scofflaw vehicle is found to be parked in El Lago, the vehicle will be towed and held until the parking fines are settled. Additionally, the owner will be responsible for towing and storage fees for the vehicle as well.)
City Ordinances of Note
  • Overnight On-Street Parking Prohibited: On-street parking is prohibited between the hours of 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. Boats and recreational vehicles must be parked behind front set back lines. Variances can only be granted by the City Council.
  • Juvenile Curfew: Persons under the age of 17 may be in violation of the curfew if they are out during school hours or after midnight without cause or supervision. The ordinance allows ticketing of both parent and child.
  • Speed Limit: The speed limit in the residential portion of El Lago is 20 miles per hour (mph); 15 mph in a school zone during posted hours. Let visitors know enforcement with radar is strict to protect children and pedestrians.
Golf Carts in the City of El Lago
The City of El Lago follows Texas state laws regarding golf carts, including:
  • The cart must be insured with at least minimum liability insurance with proof of liability in the cart.
  • The cart must only be operated by a licensed driver and the driver must be able to present a valid driver's license when required.
  • Cart must be equipped with headlights, tail lights, parking brake, reflectors and mirrors.
  • Cart must be operated in accordance with city and state traffic laws (includes being driven only on roadways (not sidewalks or grass).
Note: No registration is required to operate the golf cart on public city streets.

Parking in El Lago
Just a reminder that according to City Ordinances, it is unlawful to park in the following manner or areas:
  • On the street between 3-5 a.m.
  • On the lawn of a residence
  • On the curb of a residence
  • Between the curb and the residence except in the driveway of the residence
  • In such a manner as to block the sidewalk
  • Blocking the driveway
  • Parked on the street for over 48 hours
  • In any area prohibited by a traffic-control sign, "No Parking" or "No Parking Anytime - Tow Away Zone"
  • In any area prohibited by a sign indicating, "No Parking Any Time - Fire Lane - Tow Away Zone"