Municipal Court

Judicial Staff

The Municipal Court judges are only available during court session times. If you wish to speak with the judge concerning your case, you must appear in court. Any contact with a judge or by a judge, concerning the merits of a pending case or proceeding, outside the presence of all parties or their representatives, is considered "ex parte" communication.

Administrative Staff

The Municipal Court Clerk is available at the Court Office and may be contacted by telephone at 281-326-4413. The clerks are available to answer questions that you have in reference to your citation or arrest. However, court phones are turned off while court is in session, which will delay their ability to assist you. Extensions will not be granted due to court being in session.

The Municipal Court staff does not answer legal questions of any nature. The clerks are allowed to explain court proceedings and procedures only. If you need legal advice, please contact an attorney.


Please do not appear the same day you received the citation: Allow three (3) days from the violation date before contacting the court. A fine is a punishment and the court has an expectation that all fines and court costs will be paid before or at the time of sentencing.