Proud Landscape Contest Winners

By: El Lago Parks Board

You may remember that in the fall of 2012 the El Lago Parks Board resurrected the El Lago Proud Landscape Contest which had been initiated many years prior, but as with many projects, apathy and disinterest set in and the contest went by the wayside. The Board is currently patting themselves on the back for promoting citizen participation in the contest, but it's you folks who get the credit. We have noticed that more and more folks are taking interest in their landscape. It's become very obvious that many are working hard to improve their landscape which may have been O.K. before, but now is looking first-rate! Competition is a good thing, as it has a tendency to promote a bit of rivalry between neighbors to see who can outdo the other's green thumb. And it's working - El Lago's front yards are looking better than they have in years. In that regard, the Board would like to thank all who worked so hard to improve their home's appearance. We are pleased to announce the winning addresses in the Spring 2017 El Lago Proud Landscape Contest.

The winning addresses of the landscape competition are:

El Lago Section Three

  • Winner: 315 Cedar Lane

  • Runner-up: 208 Confederate Way

El Lago Section Four

  • Winner: 806 Cedar Lane

  • Runner up: 326 Pebblebrook Drive

El Lago Estates

  • Winner: 538 Bayview Drive

  • Runner-up: 727 Seaway Drive


  • Winner: 1603 W. Hedgecroft Drive

  • Runner-up:: 1614 W. Chelsea Place

As in the past, in order to be completely fair the judges were not El Lago residents, and again it has been noted that as they drove through the neighborhood some addresses were not visible. If you had an outstanding landscape, but not a clearly discernible address, your efforts were unfortunately disregarded. If judges can't determine your address, could the fire department, police department or an ambulance find you? While the winning landscapes are still at their best, go by and take a look - you may get some ideas for your own landscape.

First Place Winners are not eligible to win again for two years. Time flies - It's not too early to start planning - your neighbors are!