Taylorcrest Community Association

The Taylorcrest Community Association serves the homes located in the Taylorcrest neighborhood of El Lago. You can find out more information by visiting www.taylorcresthoa.com. The following residents make up the board for the Association.

President- Arthur Lemos president@taylorcresthoa.com
Vice President- Brett Fernandez vicepresident@taylorcresthoa.com
Secretary- Paul Murray secretary@taylorcresthoa.com
Treasurer- Cherie Leighton treasurer@taylorcresthoa.com
Architecture- Ray Sager architecture@taylorcresthoa.com
Activities- Felicia Fernandez activities@taylorcresthoa.com
Groundskeeper- Jim Kelly groundskeeper@taylorcresthoa.com
Communications Director- Catherine Klemowitz communications@taylorcresthoa.com

Deed Restrictions