City of El Lago Form

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On-line Contractor Registration

  1. If this company does business under more than one name, a separate registration must be obtained for each name under which the contract does business in the City of El Lago.



  4. Please select all products or services provided:*

  5. Certificate of Liability insurance should be make out to: City of El Lago 411 Tallowood El Lago, TX 77586 Please upload insurance along with any necessary master licenses.

  6. This person will be held responsible for seeing that all work performed under this registration is completed and in compliance with City and State Codes.

  7. By the typing of your name above and electronically submitting the registration form and subsequently submitting payment for this registration and/or obtain a permit under this registration you are authorizing this registration.

  8. Registration is valid for one calendar year. A fee of $50 for each registration (n/a for plumbers).*

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